Thursday, 24 July 2008


First up, not a new designer, but a new store for said designer! Modern Gypsy carries gorgy, floaty dresses and skirts in lush colours. For a limited time you can get one for free!! The rest of the items in the store are incredibly priced, just don't buy it all like I did!!



Also thanks to Eden, who left a note in our chat box, and also tracked me down in world to tell me about Honey Shop. I've blogged them before, and was amazed then at the lovely clothes and amazing freebie. At the moment theres a half off sale as well as new freebies. I've shown some of what I found, for scrummy pics of the 25L items, check out Beanie Loves Japan.




And finally, a dollarbie dress from a new designer. I haven't taken it off since I got it!! It's the right kinda short and goes perfectly with my hooves!!

Dresses Pics 1 & 2
Modern Gypsy

Hair (not free)

Honey Shop

Hair (not free

Dress In Last Pic
Change Designs

Hair (not free)


Anonymous said...

Oh I went to Honey last night....suhweet. such goodies!

- gidge

Anonymous said...

WoW your hands are freakin HUGE!

Ashia Tomsen said...

All the betta to slap you upside your head anon

Nissa Rayna said...

I love the "free @.." and the "Not Free @ .." on the pictures!! That relly did make me laugh out loud, as I am not just getting around to reading the blog after some time.

You gal's (and guys) rock att his blog, free or not free the most are great. Not only lets you know about free designs but about beautiful designs I probably wouldn't be able to find myself inworld!

Nissa Rayna said...

Spelling etc on previous post sucked! Sorry bout that .. dunno how to edit ..

Anonymous said...

byootiful Ashia... nice to see your sweet face (and freakin HUGE hands! LMAO) again, even if it ain't inworld!

*mwah* babeeee

olivia connaught said...

yeah ash, your hands really should look like THIS. i've just been too nice to say anything :)

Arista Arado said...

Forget slapping anon kick her with your hooves. Then they'd have something to bitch about lol