Sunday, 27 July 2008

some beach, somewhurrrrr

someone's blasting this frigging song and now it's in my head and i would rather scrape out my eardrums with a moldy spork than listen to any newish country music especially something that references goddamn margaritaville although that josh turner dude's majestic hasselhoffian chest hair does give me some special feelings in the pants anyway so maybe if i use this as a post title it'll go away and i wonder how much more horrific a runon sentence this can get? NOT VERY.

anyway. this post is all bathing suits, i was too lazy to shoot at a beach, and i totally stole ash's polaroid gimmick. skip to the end for slurls, prices where applicable, and item credits.

not free, all photos
hair - naughty, nicole (350L for a three color pack)
skin - cake, sienna (3000L for a four makeup pack)

photo #1
bikini - bijou instore freebie, comes in other colors as well.
shorts - mirrors*+, instore gift but you MUST join their group in order to get them. these delightful hickory shorts come in three versions, each better to show off your plumbers crack than the one before. there are several other gifts there as well - leggings, a bag, a cute tshirt.

photo #2
bathing suit - amerie's naughty, 20 minute item camp. located in the little shack next to the main store. comes with two skirt attachments, but also is super cute alone.

photo #3
bikini - laughing academy, retrolicious instore freeb/dollarbie.
sunglasses - worldwide industries subscribe-o gift. i believe they plan to give out gifts everytime they reach a milestone of so many members, so join up and stay put!

photo #4
bikini - in the light, bronze bikini (250L). and the prim skirt resizing torture was worth it.

photos #5 & #6
bikini - grabbed it at the b11 mall opening and there are a slew of other great freebs around. also home of one of the greatest carousels in the history of slcarousels, the hieronymous bosch carousel; which is perhaps second only to the moustache rides at floyd.
hasselhoff lounge chair, tophat, beer tub, necklace, and flip flops - all prizes from the latest ohana isle treasure hunt:
"Our treasure hunt has just gotten started - will run through Aug 3rd... There's 43 treasures to find, and 5 more in our new extra uber treasure hunters bonus round. (Full instructions at the landing point on Mt Wannahawkaloogie.) We try to offer a fair amount of men's items too - it's never even anywhere in SL but we do make it worth it for the guys."


Anonymous said...

Great entry! :)

Love the "format" used

Anonymous said...

Just bought the items from Mirrors and didn't have to be in the group to buy them. :)

olivia connaught said...

weird, i thought it was a group thing. oh well :D

bex hathaway said...

oh lawd, now you got me singing that song...

Adaire DeCuir said...

Oi! Don't Hassle the Hoff! Ok, maybe that's my favorite saying I've seen on a tee shirt lately, but anything with Hasslehoff on it is a BRILLIANT find. Great post!! <3

Anonymous said...

Nice touch adding the Hoff to the last pic. Sweet.

- Gidge

Amber said...

I love the Hasselhoff chair!

Bella Baroque said...

were you aware the Hoff tried to put Baywatch on Broadway? that would be epic....EPIC!