Monday, 28 July 2008

Ashia Goes To Hollywood

Feeling a bit blah today. It's freezing here in Sydney, our heater has finally packed up and my daughter has cabin fever!! But at least when she's chasing the cat, she's not trying to strip nekkid!

Here is the new dollarbie from Jojo of Wigwambam. Ain't it purdy. Goes perfectly with this wicked hair from Katatonik, which isn't free, but for one price you get the equivelant of a fat pack as it has a colour change script.

I thought it was about time we showed some more jewelry too. The last big post about fabulous jewels was when Adi did the epic hunt at Bonitas. Little Reasons is a brand new store I had the pleasure of visiting last night. The designer is lovely, and has put out 2 dollarbies for you. Her collection is small, but lovingly made and well worth a look.


The outfit I chose to show off the lush accessories is the new release from Wigwambam. Not free, but hella kewl!

Lemania Group Gift

And by no means least, this new group gift from Lemania, called Hollywood. I do so love her gowns, the perfect pick me up on a dreary day. Also, just a quick reminder, if you're a designer who wants to contribute to our brand spanking new main store, please IM either myself or my super awesome fellow bloggers. If you already have stuff at our Juicy location and want to move it/put new stuff down please let us know also. We are especially interested in new designers who may have not had much exposure and/or are waiting to get on the fashion feed. WE WANT TO PIMP YOUR SHTUFFS!!!!

Pic 1
Hair (not free)


Pics 2-5
Hair (not free)

Outfit (not free)

Little reasons
(Some free, Some not, pics marked accordingly)
JE*Republic Group Gift

Pics 6
Lemania Group Gift

Hair (not free)
Mirai Style

Tattoo (not free)


Beanie Canning said...

Oh! Fabbie finds!!!


Eurydice Barzane said...

OHHH pretty things ~ and I *love* that gold gown, but i feel like wearing jeans and coats. I'm in Sydney too and it was 12.5 degrees in my bedroom this morning!

Anonymous said...

Whats the name of the ETD hair?

olivia connaught said...

that style's called gwen, anon