Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hair, Jeans and Tee's

*Applause for an imaginitive title*

YAY...Minnu has made hair!! 'Venessa' is a beautiful long, straight yet slightly tousled style. So sexy! She has kindly sent a preview of the black and blonde to her group. I heard that the new styles will hopefully be in store later this week so I can't wait to see them.

Wow Hair_002

Wow Hair_001

So while we are on hairstyles, I'll show you these cuties. It also give me a perfect chance to show you more of these great T shirts from Surf Co. Group 'Wish You Were Here'. Big thankies to Miu for sending a notice to the group about these. They come in loads of gorgeous colours! Search Surf Co. and the notice is dated 4/1.

This sweet *You* hairstyle is from Zero Style, a notice was sent to the group a while ago about this one (thank you to the person, I can't remember who sent the notice). It's 1L and comes in many lovely colours.

Wow Hair_004

Anna Zwiers sent a notice to the group about this hairstyle at UncleWeb, It's actually for guys but looks great on us girlies too! I really wanted to show it on a guys shape too but at this point I couldn't change hair/clothes/shape. Yep, SL is being naughty again!

Wow Hair_003

Last but definitely not least. Mirrors group is giving away these jeans for a cause, if you wish to show your support for the freedom of Tibet either join the Mirrors group and you will find these jeans in the notice archives or visit the store and pick up a pair free there.

wow jeans_001

Free Items
Venessa Hair: Minnu (Group Gift)
You Hair: Zero Style (1L)
Mens Hair & Brown Eyes: UncleWeb (free)
'Wish you were here' Tee's: Surf Co. (Group Gift)
'Free Tibet' Jeans: Mirrors (free in store or group gift)

Not Free:
Lily Skin: RAC


Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry to be posting such a late comment but i just stumbled over this site.

I went to Minnu's store and tried to join the group (love the hair) but was unsuccessful. I followed the directions on the desk that says to look up MM(something) but to no avail. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hi there, if you type Minnu into group search you can join from there. Then if you look in the group information at the notice archives, the hair is in there. It was sent a couple of times because there was database probs. Hope you find it, let me know in game if you have any more probs and I will help you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I think groups were down when I was searching earlier. (Love that don't you?)

But thanks!