Monday, 7 April 2008

Guys, do you like pink?

The beautiful skin worn here is a group gift from Mela's, these are an Another Shop mod by Nikita Northholt called Parakeet, they come in two skin tones called Vienna and Milk Tea. Join Mela's group and look in the notice archives for these.


Parakeet skin in Milk Tea and Vienna - Mela's (Group Gift)
Meg Shape by Creamy - Free*Style (1L)

When I took Brad to pick up the short hair from UncleWeb (shown on my female shape in the previous post), I remembered that Anna Zwiers also included info on some free guys clothes on this same sim in her notecard. The store is Mooncat Izumo, I've visited this store in another location but I had never seen these items there. This store is fantastic for guys on a budget, the clothes are really cool and range from 0L to 40L - for complete outfits. Also downstairs is a couple of really great outfits for the girls for about the same price.

This is the free suit. I really like it! Brad looks like he's been wearing it all day, it's got that musky man smell.


The tie adds a bit of cuteness to attract the neko ladies.

Mens Hair: UncleWeb (Free)
Mens Suit:
Mooncat Izumo (free)
Brad Shape: Creamy (Free*Style Group Gift) see
HERE for list of people who can invite to group

Non-Free items worn in this post
Creamy: 'The Short' Hair - Armidi
Brad: 'Rugged' Skin -
Minnu (this was a previous group gift)

Purely by coincidence I met Express of Men's Second Style while I was in Mooncat Izumo, so look out for his post too!

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Miu Elfan said...

I loooooove boys in pink :d