Wednesday, 2 April 2008

El Trebole modelled by the one and only Brad Shit

Following on from the Angelina Jolie theme in yesterday's post. I've attempted to make a Brad Pitt.

I thought Brad could model the free mens clothes at El Trebole today (I featured the womens free clothes there also in THIS POST). These clothes are great for setting up a new player with some decent clothes, so if you find anyone in need of a makeover, point them in the El Trebole direction.

This photosourced leather jacket will go with pretty much anything.

Top with the El Trebole logo, I'm not a big fan of logo's on clothes usually but this is pretty cool.


Two moist looking 'Fun Boy' vests. "Where have you been Brad? Don't let Angelina know, she'll box yer ears."


Two pairs of cargo's


Non Free Items
The skin worn is the fantastic new 'Hot Rod' skin by MiaSnow which I found on the Easter hunt a few weeks ago. This was the preview version, the finished version can be bought in the store. It's amazingly realistic looking.
The 'Jamie' hair was a previous free style from Truth, this can still be bought in the store.
The 'Groovy' Sunglasses were a previous free gift from Argrace, probably available to buy in store.

'Brad Shit' Shape by Creamy (Free)
I'll pass it out to the group and put it at Free*Style, he will be mod so you might be able to make him look more like Brad than I could.


gogolita said...

Woot! Ty Creamy, cuz I'm dying to test this skin out but I'm scared to try it on my boy Gogo shape lol

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Hi Gogo, I'm just giving him the once over (ooo er!) and I'll pass him out when I'm online :))