Saturday, 26 January 2008

Graceful Geisha

Otohime Nakajima found some amazing Japanese goodies today, this kimono in particular caught my eyes and the shopping area called Japanese Goods 'GiornoBrando' is so beautiful, a sort of serene atmosphere.


The pattern on this kimono is soooo pretty, I'm tired so I can't elaborate more but go and take a look, I'm sure you will love it too, the outfit comes complete with the zouri sandals.


The hair is a new 1L style called Eleanor at Hair Solutions, comes in lots of different colours.

The Miako skin is free from Milky Square Garden, from a store called 'Sweetaholic' on the upper floor, it also comes with a shape (not worn) and eyes (worn), there are also a pair of sandals and some other free stuff in this mall.


The pretty pose here is by AnaLu, the Fresh Pose set is free in her store at Cotton Candy.

Cripes, I'm so tired! Kids playcentres wear me out...half an hour more and I'm in bed.

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