Friday, 25 January 2008

A Combo

The items I am showing in this post are partly made of up things I collected over the past few weeks plus a couple of things that bounced on me today.

It's Valentines Day soon and for lots of peeps that means sexy undies, not for poor virtual Creamy though. Her RL driver will be the one wearing the sexy undies as a reward for her poor RL man who she's been neglecting in favour of Creamy over the past coupla months. He's been so patient but now he's getting a bit tetchy....oooh, he's gonna kill me when he reads this!

Quick change of subject......this satin/lace set by Second Wave Apparel is free in a little shopping bag by the door, it's beautiful. There was a little mix-up with the fat pack of this underwear, so Siouxie has kindly given this silver set away for free.

Pretty dresses_012

and look, you could wrap yourself up with this 'Gift Wrapped' tattoo, free from Etch D. One for the lower tummy and two on your lower back.

Pretty dresses_013

Pretty dresses_014

If you want to go really wild, check out these amazing 'Fallen' tatts also free from Etch D.

Pretty dresses_015

Ooomgaawwd, Aphrodite has given her group more beautiful shoes, these Rosette shoes make me go all melty inside, these are like chocolate for me. If you would like these, join Aphrodite group and look in the notice archives 1/25/08 named 'Group Gift Time'. Open attachment and it will go into your inventory, open the box and these byooties will be yours.

aphrodite shoes_001

OK, enuff, i'm off to play for a bit then bed.

Lingerie, Second Wave Apparel (free)
Tattoo's: Etch D (free)
Rosette Shoes: Aphrodite (group gift)
Berri Hair: Truth (1L)
Valentine Skin: Rave Nation (1L)


Azia (whose computer is fukt) said...

Brava! Lovely job on the shoe pics girlie!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Fanksyooo Az, what's up with your pooter??