Sunday, 27 January 2008

Wow! Pixel Dolls Again

Pixel Dolls have given out ANOTHER gift to the update group, the beautifully embellished Anne dress and it goes perfectly with the belts sent out to the group last week. I am wearing it with the Dauphine Jacket Belt, they look like they were made for each other.


If you would like this dress, go to the Pixel Dolls store, touch the subscribe sign, touch it again and go to 'History' it should be the first message, also the belts may still be in there. Do it quick though because these are only there until the creator removes it.


Miam Miam have made some beautiful Chanel inspired jewellery which is 1L in store. I know there is a big debate about copying real designs in SL but my personal opinion is that I love to dress my Avatar in similar designs to those I would wear in RL. I have no idea what the legal implications will be in the future but right now, I'm wearing 'em.


The beautiful skin worn here is the Valentine Another Shop Mod by Rave Nation (1L), this is the Fe tone and I made a beautiful exotic shape to go with it. The eyelashes were found in the gift hunt at Sin Skins at Xmas time (these are no longer available for free). The hair is the new 1L Kira style by Frangipani which comes in many colours, the one worn here is licorice.

Ann Princess Dress: Pixel Dolls (Group Gift)
Coco Jewellery, 1L at Miam Miam
Kira Hair: Frangipani (1L) lots of other 1L styles in store too
Blue/Green Big Pupil Eyes: Snatch (I think these were in a freebie box)
Fe Valentine Skin, 1L at Rave Nation


Sidonie said...

Wow, what a gorgeous look, I can't wait to try that dress myself.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

There's another one in the Pixeldolls group just now, a classy dark purple dress called Helene. <3

I'm seriously lovin' Pixeldolls right about now. :)