Tuesday, 29 January 2008

6lbs Lighter

Creamy crawls into her blog on her hands and knees looking a little worse for wear.

Hullo! I spent most of yesterday 'talking to God on the big white telephone' and lapsing in and out of conciousness and I hadn't even done anything fun to get in that state. Anyway, I'm kinda back but not much energy even to play SL.

Crappy Robe in a freebie box from Love.Love.Love (lots of non-crap stuff in there too)
Legwarmers free group gift from
Slippers free from
Bare Rose Spa
Puking pose from the 'Wasted Fashionisa' set, 1L, La Reina
Photo taken in an amazing show house
The Firm (I did clean up afterwards, honest!)

Apologies to those of you who have asked for invites to the Free*Style group and I haven't responded, my IMs get capped so please can you send me a notecard or contact one of the following people who can also do invites to the group.

Azia Lunasea
Cheri Pye
Dot Lane
Holli Hansup
Sammie Stawberry
Laki Trescothick

There are a couple of others who can invite too, but in my fuddled mess of mind today, I can't remember who, you can also join the Free*Style Chat Room and send an IM to the group to see if anyone who can invite is available there.

I've managed to summon up a bit of energy to show you these goodies I picked up over the past coupla days.

Thanks to Morgan Kincess of Digital Eyes who told me about this one after seeing it in the background on my previous blog post. The C Class Mercedes from Akeyo, have now been made available FREE in the store. Amazing detail on the exterior and interior of this car and the closest I'll ever get to driving one of these beauties.


This stylish outfit (glasses, pants, top and belt) is perfect for posing about, this was a free gift from [CRAP] because the subscribe-o-matic group has reached over 100 members. If you would like these TP over to the the [CRAP] store and click on the subscribe sign, click it again and go to history, these items will only be available until Tenshi removes them.

I took the Merc for a spin around Broadmead (the place I visited on my last post). All you do is hop in the car and wear the HUD. Being a novice driver in SL, I found this car a little hard to handle and caused some damage on a few Porches...shhhh, it wasn't me ok.


The cute crop hairstyle is the new group gift from Philotic Energy. The Leif style is actually for the dudes but I'll show it on a guy shape next time. Touch the subscribe sign in store for this one.

This super-chic newsboy cap with veil is also in the free group giveaway from [CRAP] . A big thanks to Tenshi Vielle for all of these goodies.

Skin, Candy Berry by A Piece of Candy (1L)
Hair, Kira at Frangipani (1L)

OK shower time, wash this horrible feeling away.


百恋芙蓉 said...

Thanks for the update Creamy =) The hat looks really nice ^^
I wish they didn't use subscribe-o-matics though... half the time the item never get delivered... >.>

Lauralee Samtanko said...

Hope you feel better soon, Creamy! Looks like the Crap items are already gone from the subscribe-o-matic. :(

Lauralee Samtanko said...

Ahhh, that's what I get for being impatient... gifts came through!

Again, feel well soon!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Yeah, I'm feelin ya's there.
The non-delivery is a problem with subscribe-o-matic and the traditional group method.

There is pro's and con's to each I suppose, the subscribo doesn't take up your group space and posts stuff direct to you (sometimes)
The traditional group method at least you can check through the notice history without having to tp to the store to do it.

I guess you'll just have to rely on blogs like mine to let you know (providing we get the msg too) :)