Sunday, 27 January 2008

Posing around at Broadmead

I found a most amazing place today called Broadmead, I felt like I'd been transported to an upmarket area in London. It's funny how I find places, usually it starts with a piece of furniture I like in a store (which doesn't sell it), so I look at the profile of the creator and then I start TP'ing through all their store locations. (The store I was looking for is called Kemuri, beautiful vintage style furniture).

So I decided to use this chic place as a backdrop for showing you these free outfits I picked up today, (the only freebies I actually found here at Broadmead were at Pochette, which I have previously blogged and a cute bag at Mimi Eden.

First up, some quirky free outfits from Versteck - Fogerty, Avenue and Poupee (I can't remember which is which). A very big thanks to the person who told the Free*Style group about this, when I went back to search your name, I couldn't find the message again.


The man in the car in the background had his eyes popping out of his head when he saw me in this outfit, he had never seen anyone dressed so inappropriately in this neighbourhood



You will also find these brightly coloured 1L shoes in Versteck, I think there were about 6 different colours.


This gorgeous skin and corset top were 1L each from A Piece of Candy (the LM should be correct now, to those of you who tried to tp and ended up in another skin shop). The Candy skin is based on an Another Shop skin but it's been modified it such a way it looks completely different. Stunning!


I spied these beautifully hand-drawn Mona Jackets from Surf Couture on Gogo's blog,, I really love this store so I had to have them. These were a group gift and come in no less then 9 colours and they won't be available in store.

Surf co1

Surf Co2


If you would like these jackets, search for Surf Co and they are attached to notice dated 26/1.

Yawwwwnzz! Bedtime!


Gogo said...

Gorgeous pictures!! as always :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your very kind words for my skin and corset....
Candy enoch

Shruti Tenk said...

i love the corset ! the details are amazing ! xxxx

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Thanks Gogo!

Big cheers to you Candy, the goodies you gave out are adorable :)