Friday, 21 December 2007

Cherry Tokyo, Amaretto and Bryce Treasure Hunt

Sale and Gift hunt going on NOW for Cherry Tokyo Kimono's, Amaretto and Bryce Designs through Dec 26th! Find the white present boxes among the snow and have yourself a merry xmas! :)

I absolutely love these stores. A gorgeous kimono from the Cherry Tokyo Kimono's group and a glamorous outfit from Amaretto (one of the first items I ever blogged) were some of the first free gifts I aquired when I started my freebie venture in SL as Creamy. I was so delighted when Cherry gave me a sneaky peak at some of the goodies to be given away on the treasure hunt today.

Look at this stunning Kimono.

CTK hunt_002_002

This fan which is scripted to wave in front of your face.

CTK hunt_002_003

and this parasol, scripted to open and close with a click.

CTK hunt_002_001

This Geisha hair made by Valyrn which she kindly gave to the Free*Style group is perfect for this outfit. If you would like this hair, join the Free*Style group and check back on notice archives.

This sim is so pretty, it will be a pleasure to do a gift hunt here. Also you must see the beautiful traditional dancers on the stage. This is the link again: Cherry Tokyo Kimono's, Amaretto and Bryce Designs

Just added to post.
Bryce Designs gifts contain this unisex Noel hair style in various colours. On guys it's a cool stylish hairdo and on girls it's a cute elfin crop. Also to be found is a hat with hug attachment.

CTK hunt_003_004

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Lady Pichot said...

I also went on this hunt but have not had time to unpack/look at it due to RL holiday rush (no excuse I know...LOL) Thank you for posting it is a beautiful ensemble and you look wonderful as an Oriental Maiden.