Saturday, 22 December 2007

Animah - Free Animations and Poses

Woooosh!.....Creamy rushes in to do a quick post before heading off to the outlaws for the weekend.

Animah has some fantastic poses and animations for free. The flying and animated standing poses are perfect to add to your Animation Overrider. You can get one of these Animation Overides (AO) for free (does not contain the poses) in the Free*Style Group, see notice archives. contact me in-game if you need help with this.

Flying Poses.
ANIMAH - flight freebie pack

Animated Standing poses. Animated poses are a lot more natural looking when used in your AO, stationary poses can look very jerky.

Animah standing poses

Also free in Animah is a fun Snow Angel pose. Lie on the snow and wave your arms up and down to make an angel shape, and..that's not all..also a free 'putting lipstick on' pose complete with stool to sit on.

..Wooooooosh...I'm outta here!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Dot Lane said...

Anyone who is interested to see what the standing poses look like can check the photos on my blog:

Anonymous said...


Great timing! I'm completely over the default standing animations, but I hate static poses, so I was going to go out and buy an animated set today. Looks like I can put it off for a while longer!

Creamy Cooljoke said...

When you do decide to buy an AO and don't want to spend a fortune, I found some great ones at a Japanese anim store called Cova.

The complete AO's here for men and women are 200-400L (includes the HUD and loads of sitting, standing and flying poses). If you want to buy each anim seperate to build your own AO each pose is 30L and you can get the HUD for free in the Free*Style group