Thursday 18 February 2016

Tutorial Thursdays - Creating your own Spotlight Projectors

This week on Tutorial Thursday, I am going to be doing a little something something with Projectors. It has been often requested, when topics for tutorials have come up, so it was about time I have done something with these projectors for you all.

For this tutorial I am using Ultra, and am on the most current version of Firestorm Viewer, that is out at date of this post.

I also decided to be a frog for this tutorial, haha, so enjoy! This avatar was created by Wilds of Organica. There are a few types of other critters on their SL Marketplace HERE, or you can take a chance at their gacha machines at the Mainstore HERE. You can also find various ones at yardsales, that is how I completed some of my series. The Gachas are only L$100 to play, and you get the complete avi with some customization options as well as an AO.

This tutorial will continue after the break, for the sake of the feeds that Free*Style is published on.

If you are still interested, please click on through.

Getting Started
Please visit Shop Free*Style HERE, to collect your Projector Tutorial Kit. You will need it to complete this tutorial.
To get into your settings, to be able to use projectors, you will want to go into the Avatar Menu at the top of your Second Life Screen, then down to Preferences.  From there, you will go to Graphics and then make sure you are on the General Tab.

From there, you will want to slide the Quality and Speed Performance "Slider Dot" all the way to Ultra. If Ultra is not too friendly with your computer, you can choose another level to set the "Slider Dot" at. I can go as low as between Low and Mid, and still have this tutorial work. Just play around and see what works for your own rig.

Here is a snap of what I got going on for the tutorial. 

Once you have your settings all hashed out, you are going to want to hit Ctrl+B to bring up your Build Menu.

From here we are going to make a Prim, I am just using a Box. I coloured it black, just so I can see where I have it better, you can choose any colour, or put a texture on the box. It doesn't really matter, it wont change how the prim reacts once you turn it into a Projector

To colour your box(or texture it), just go to the Texture Tab, and click on the Colour Square to bring up the Colour Selector, or the Texture Square, to bring up the Texture Selector.

You can also drag and drop textures from your inventory, into the Texture Square.

From here you will want to go to the Features Tab, and to the bottom is a Selection Box which is called Light.

Click that, and you now are on your way to having a Projector. You will not see anything to start, if you created your box on the ground. The reason for this is the light is actually emitting from the bottom of the box, so you will have to pull it up off the ground.
Making Your Projector
Now here is where you get to play. We are just going to start out simple for this tutorial, but you can use what you learn here, and experiment with it to find out new results.
Beside the Selection Box you will now see 2 white boxes. The first is for Colour Selection, so you can make your Projector different colours. The second is for Texture Selection. For this, please go into your Projector Kit you picked up from Shop Free*Style. You will see 3 Spotlight Textures I made for you guys to play with.
When applied to Projector, they will look something like this. Keep in mind, I am in an enclosed space, with no windows nor other objects.

At this point, you are pretty much done, and can play around as you see fit. Remember to move your Projector around, and angle it as you see fit. You can do this quickly by selecting your box when Build Mode is up, and then pressing your CTRL button on your keyboard. You can then use the various wheels that appear, to rotate your Projector around, for the desired angle.

 Different Windlights

Top Left - Ambient Dark
Top Right - Neutral
Bottom Left - CB's Rouge 2 
Bottom Right - [TOR] BIG SUN - Impires
Hope you enjoy your new Projectors!