Thursday, 18 February 2016

JoJ and MENstuff Hunts - Part 2

February is a wonderful month for the guys. There is not only one, but two hunts with many items for the men of the grid to enjoy.
Jack or Jill hunt is a hunt with split paths, one path with a series of designers dedicating items to the women, and one path with the same, but for the men.
MENstuff Hunt is a Guy only hunt, tho many ladies do do it as well, to nab accessories and hairs.
Both are on until the end of the month.

Hair - Rawhouse - MENstuff Hunt
Skin -7 Deadly s{K}ins - MENstuff Hunt
Tattoo - Endless Pain Tatoos - Jack or Jill Hunt
Shirt - Stone Militaria, Surplus & Supply - MENstuff Hunt
Pants - The Little Bat - Jack or Jill Hunt
Sunglasses - Native Urban - MENstuff Hunt

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