Thursday, 14 May 2015

'Sup Guys

  So my computer is working...sort of.  I discovered how to get onto SL and take a photo but the photos are sort of horrible.  So I had to fix this one up with a lot of post-process, even though it looks like it's not really.  So just be warned that colors especially may not be what they appear inworld compared to what they look like here.  Thankfully all of this stuff is cheap so if you end up not liking it you are missing out on like ten cents. XD
blog test
  The "skin" I am wearing is actually a mod applier for the Utilizator Avatar 2.0 Beta that I am wearing.  The av itself is only 400L and there are some fun appliers like this one, and also anyone can make appliers for it if they get the av so that's cool.  This applier mod is from Milk Teeth and is only 5L.
  My eyes are from Real Eyes and are only 5L, and include black, white, and mesh.  They are really cool and creepy and the store has lots of other cheapies too.
  My top is from a big pack of colors by Vitrimi.  I was first wearing the black color for the photo but decided I kind of liked this color better for the contrast.  It's nice to have flexible color options for only 1L!
  My hair is a group gift from Little Bones.  I honestly can't even remember if it is the latest gift or not because the store releases so many gifts.  There are lots of past gift for members in the store too so even if this wasn't the most recent you can still find it there.  There is a very small group join fee that is nothing at all compared to the generosity of the owners.
  Hope you like this post and I hope I can keep this computer going to do more.  The Free*Style readers and bloggers have made my SL very joyous on many occasions and I hope to be posting for you for a long time to come. :)