Saturday, 13 September 2014

I'm Back!

So a thing happened. What is that thing? I turned up inworld.

As always, the first thing I do is go shopping. How can I see what I missed, and what is new, if I don't actually go out there?

As always, I share my finds with you.

I always love dressing up my dark skinned beauty. She may sport lighter tones, or alternative ones, from time to time when I am blogging, but I always bring her back to the darker ones after.

Makeups can be a challenge on these tones. Often lip layers make the tones look cartoony. Happens a lot with the eye makeup as well.

I was pleasantly surprised with these 2 makeup layers.

Added Note - What is a Scalera? It is the part of the eye that shows as white. Often times designers put so much effort into the iris(coloured part) and pupil(black part) that the scalera is rather bland. This can look very stark on darker skin tones. To combat this I wear Scalera Shadows. There are only a few designers I have ever found with the option, for purchasing. Wee Ones is one of the few stores that has them. It is a very simple addition that can really make your new eyes pop. Or not glow in the dark, haha. I'm an eye snob, I know.

I noticed A:S:S: had a bunch of their sky boxes up for grabs, so since I like to shoot with LadyLight in them so often, I decided to share one today with you all.

Want a history lesson from an old, pixilated broad? Newer people often comment on the choice of store name for A:S:S: It obviously stands for something, but what?

Another Shirt Shop. Way back when, guys shirts, and maybe a few other things, were the only product you would have found at A:S:S: Look how far they have come.

Shape - External Appearance - Free Gift
Hair&Hair Base - Adoness - Free Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin - Dulce Secrets - L$1 Instore Deal
Eyes - Okaie - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Scalera Shadows - Wee Ones - Not Free
Lashes - BC Designs - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
Makeup 1(Eye) - Dark Mayday Designs - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
Makeup 2(Lip) - KK - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
Dress - Baby Monkey - Midnight Mania
Hair Barrette - Chop Zuey - Free Gift

Pose - Overlow Poses - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal

Skybox - A:S:S: - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Art - CIRCA - FabFree in SL 7th Bday Hunt Item