Sunday, 14 September 2014

Summer Gone

The house is so cold this weekend. The sudden weather change has taken a toll on all the residents of my rl home.

No indian summer this year.

I caved. I bought slink hands for my alt. Said I wouldn't, when I first got them on my main account, but alas, I could not help it in the end.

It'll be feet next. I'll wake up and find out my alt went shopping without me. Until then, she has to try to make the system ones work.

I took me all night to figure out how to make a short video clip of only part of my screen, then have it in a formate that was compatible with Blogger. But I did it. Here is a small clip of the lip glitter I am wearing in the above photos. It is an actual attachment that is scripted, so it really does glitter. Even with me capturing it, it does still look way better inworld and in your snaps.

Shape - Gentleman Loser - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Hair - Pocket Mirrors - Free Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin - Mercury - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
Eyes - The Skin You're In - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Lashes - BC Designs - L$1 SL Marketplace Deal
Lip Glitter - Baby - Free Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Hands - Slink - Not Free
Nail Applier - MELONopolis - Free SL Marketplace Gift 
Dress & Hat - Blue Couture - Free Instore Group Gift
Boots - Lindy - Free Womenstuff Group Gift (at the lounge)
Purse - Gabriel - Free Instore Group Gift
Jewlery Set - Earthstones - The Free Dove Gift
Cat - The Mint Condition - Instore Gatcha Item
Butterflies - Epic - Free Instore Group Gift (Pay to Join)

Poses used in this post can all be found at Shop Free*Style, ranging from free to L$50 per pack.