Thursday, 27 March 2014

Butter My Biscuits, Baby

  Or, butter my Buttery Toast!  I have been to this shop a few times lately because, well, I love food.  RL food, SL food, it's all good to me.  While this shop mostly sells clothing and such they do have some foodie goodness, like these original mesh pillows/huggable toasts.  They're 50L each, which is a fair price, BUT if you're super broke you can get this toast shirt for FREE. :D  Good days!  You can't see the socks I am wearing in the picture very well but they too are gifts and do not feature toast on them for those who aren't into the pixel food scene.  SLink and Phat Azz appliers come with them.  Joy!  More details below.
Shirt and Socks: Buttery Toast, group gifts
Toast: Buttery Toast, gacha item, 50L a try
Shorts: Somnia
Skin: TSG @ Skin Fair, near the landing point
Hair: Wasabi Pills