Thursday, 27 March 2014


Howdy all, how's the Free*Style life? A casual, bare-legged look for you today (that was actually inspired by these fabby free coral hoop earrings + $2L polka dot shorts), with some super-nice free makeup + lash finds at Skin Fair 2014.
Leggy. Everything in this look (except the hair + skin) are free; but as y'all know, I usually like to compose a 100% free (or nearly so) look for my posts here, so I'll mention that you can grab a free skin at the Tokyo Girl booth here at Skin Fair 2014 (that works with these free makeups I'm showing here) + you can always nab a pretty free hair via wearable Lamb demos here (although I will advise my fellow frugalistas that if you've got any extra $L whatsoevs this month, hit up The Arcade here to get that yum Truth headphones hair everyone's been loving so hard, before the event ends on the 31st). The headphones are notably well-done -- actually, anytime Truth makes any kind of hair add-ons, it's a definite bet they'll be finished super-premium-like (for example, you can peep how I styled it on my Flickr here). This scrumptiously-detailed pose bike is also free, courtesy of the XIAJ group Notices; I will add however, that free pancakes, no matter how prettily festooned with strawberries, do not travel well on a bikeseat. *grabs flying pancakes; wipes syrup on shorts*

And now a close-up shot of those free coral hoops earrings, free long-tipped lashes (this lashes creator btw is a much-beloved presence on Flickr) + free eye makeup (Malvada is always just wow). -- See what I mean? Luhs!
Key Westian. Is everyone else so so ready for Spring? Leggy love + fashionista kisses to all!

Teshan2222 Wycliffe

The gifties:
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer @ Skin Fair 2014 - La Malvada Mujer - Lady O N1 - buy rectangular boxes sitting on top of displays (2 gift boxes total; 1 for makeups + the other is a silver/gold brows gift) (new!) - free
Lashes: Clemmm @ Skin Fair 2014 - Dark Chic Circus Lashes - buy sign on left hand side of desk (= the sign with the clown face makeup; the other ones aren't free) for $0L (new!) - free
Blush: SM Eclipse @ Skin Fair 2014 - Yes, Yes, Yeeees Blush - buy gift bag on mannequin for $0L (new!) - free
Shoes: The Mesh Project @ Skin Fair 2014 - click various parts of the big display here: click the shoes image for the shoes; the "feet" for the feet; and the words "Style Mode Beta" to get the skin tone matcher HUD (look for it attached at the bottom right of your screen; you'll need to click it to start, then the feets icon that shows up in the bottom middle of your screen; then you'll see the skin tones. NOTE: click carefully since the mesh heads are not free) (new!) - free
Coral hoop earrings: Pure Poison - Coral Earrings - group gift (join group for $0L; many more gifts here) - free
Metal bib necklace: Pure Poison - Tisuki Necklace - group gift (join group for $0L; many more gifts here) - free
Polka-dot shorts: RD Style - Denim Shorts Dots Biege/Black_M (buy box on wall of $2L gifts) - $2L 
Red studded biker jacket: RD Style - Outfit Barbara - Studded Biker Jacket Red M - find/buy red round cartoon devil's head (new!) - $1L
Nude ribbed tank: *LACUNA* - Ribbed Racer Tank - Almond (Womenstuff Hunt # 165; find/buy a mini orange t-shirt; NOTE that there's at least 1 "fake out" empty hunt item here) (new!) - $1L
Bike: / XIAJ / - Bike Group Gift (join group for $0L + look in Notices; both a rust & pink color bike are included; more group gifts on wall) - free
Birds: Grizzly Creek @ Marketplace - FREE Cutthroat Finch Perching - free 
Pancakes: ISPACHI @ Marketplace - Pancake Breakfast - free

The non-gifties (but $L-worthies):
Skin: Birdy @ Skin Fair 2014 - Alex Skin  ~Toffee~ (natural) (new!) 
Hair: [LeLutka] - BREEZE hair - JustDone- previously free