Friday, 11 October 2013

Too many Moufies, not enough moufs!

Hello again all!

In a rare break from zombie-slaying I managed to dash over to the Body Modification Expo currently being put on by Depraved Nation! It just opened on Thursday and will be around til November 3rd so there's plenty of time to get cleaned up and go crazy! Some creators were also kind enough to put out free gifts as shown below and I luckily found 3 or 4 new stores that I'm now crazy about.

On a much sadder note, Atypical is closing it's doors at the end of October for some serious maintenance. They've become my favorite place to go to for fun extras so while there is no ETA for a return as of yet I know I'll be watching closely! Some items will be moved to the marketplace while the brand is reinvented but I strongly advise you to hurry to the store before the end of the month for anything you might like. In their usual generous fashion they've set out 3 cute Halloween group gifts you can pick up in store and through group notices.



Welp it's back to the ole zombie bait-n-slay for me! I hope all the Canadians out there have a great Thanksgiving weekend! ^_^

Pose - Nani Even If I Wanted To (0L) 
Pierced Tongue - ...:::Scrub:::... Iron Tongue (0L Subscribo gift)
Belly Button Ring - Hollyweird Wicked Jack Belly Piercing (0L)
Large & Small Top Hat - Adoness Mr Autumn Top Hat (0L)
Voodoo Buddy - -Luckie- Halloween Dollarbie (1L)
Candy Corn Tongue, Orange Popsicle & Pumpkin Stump Hat - Atypical Group gifts (0L)
Shirt - *Hollipocket* 2 Cool 4 Costumes Keel Zombies (50L gacha)
Toast Rings - ::Axix:: Sweetie Rings (0L - comes with other rings too!) 
Money Ring - ~Common Cents~ Money Art 2 Mr T (50L gacha)
Skin - Filthy Lola 3 Beach (75L gacha)
Jeans - SAKIDE Fallen Leaves Outfit (0L luckyboard)
Hair - Ploom Camille Blondes Streak (200L)