Thursday, 10 October 2013

Barbie the Zombie Slayer!

A young woman walks down the darkened streets, seemingly unconcerned about the news stories full of shambling hordes. What's that behind her? Is she bound to be dinner?

No! For she is Barbie the Zombie Slayer! The chosen one to fight back against the seas of undead! Or at least it's a lot of fun to pretend! :) When I received the notice from ::WetCat:: about their October group gift I knew my calling had come at last. Beware Zombies! ^_^

Credits [Both photos were taken at Toxia - warning it is a dark adult rp sim]

Photo #1 Pose/CandyCorn Jackolantern buddy - .Mein. Candy Corn Hug (30L gacha)
Photo #2 Pose/Zombie/Gravestone/Sword - ::WetCat:: Slayer (0L Group Gift - 200L joining fee)
Eyes - STC! Candy Eyes Teal (0L Candyfair Gift)
Socks - Lark Spooky Socks Black Bats (0L Candyfair Gift)
Candy Corn Buddy on Head - Razzberry Inc Candy Corn Cutie in Batty (35L gacha)
Shirt - SS Women's Jack-O Tee (0L) [Also comes with a men's vneck]
Skirt - Sn@tch Super Short Mini Skirt [part of Kick and fling] (0L lucky dip)
Pencil Moufie & Manga - Atypical Random Cheapies Box (10L comes with other great extras too!)
Zombie - Newt Reich Zombie v2012 (10L)
Skin - Filthy Lola 03 in Beach (75L Gacha)
Hair - Ploom Camille Streak Blondes (200L)