Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer's end

free skin for free*style

This morning, Helena Stringer dragged me over to Gato, swearing up and down that I'd adore the Lazy Sunday sweater that this shop has out. I did love it -- and I adored the boy's stuff even more. Helena and I giggled over the bright colors all over the shop because they were so cheerful and upbeat. I especially loved the orange stuff, and I had to invest in that bright orange patterned jacket (above) for my boy avvie! Reminds me of being a teen in central Jersey.

On to the cheap stuff. When I was at Gato, I noticed that these swimming trunks were part of the 49L Dude Sale. This sale has a handy website with SLURLs, so I hit up another few of the shops. I got the tattoo (below) as well as shoes and a watch with bracelets, all perfect for my boy avvie.

Oh! And this skin is a free group gift from Story Leaf (I blogged the girl one the other day). Comes with the facial hair and interesting cheek scars.

and the 49L dude sale
Skin: Story Leaf Frank - tan - scared - group gift skin (free)
Tattoo: Zentro floral tattoo - 49L Sale for Dudes
Shorts: Gato Summer Bermudas in Little Rain - 49L Sale for Dudes

Not as cheap:
Hair: Mr. C - Hurley II in Cocoa
Jacket: Gato Quilt Jacket
Sunglasses: /artilleri/ clubmaster sunglasses in brown