Sunday, 25 August 2013

Should I pay fees to join groups? Yes!

Sometimes you see a wonderful group gift but the group has a fee to join and you have no clue if you should pay for it or not...

All depends how do you really love that store.

There are three paid groups I joined and never leaved , for totally different reasons, the first one, Auxiliary, because the store is really awesome, they send new gifts quite often and the old gifts are all there to grab.

The ID. group, because is my favorite eyes store, and she also send gifts of her new releases quite often.

The other is Elikatira ... because I really wanted to know when she would be back, even with the lack of notices... because.. is Elika! And those who remained all this time on the group are now rewarded, the group is closed, but soon Elikatira will reopen and she sent a teaser hair  for vip group members, and it is cute!

And I know i already blogged here, but is cool to remind you all, Filthy Group still free to join and you can get the previous gifts  too!

Style Card

Skin: :F: Group.Gift#3.2013 ___( Beach ) by Alexandra Barcelos - group gift at store

Hair: [e] Appear by Elikapeka Tiramissu - group gift, but the group is closed!

Eyes: .ID. Basics 2 / Mesh Eyes / Overcast / SM / by audrey Lamede - Group gift on notices (fee to join)

T-shirt: [Aux]T-shirt Dress - Med   -Graphic -VIP by Tyr Rozenblum - group gift (fee to join)

Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS Left and Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1  XS Right by Siddean Munro (non free)

Nails: >+A&A<+ Sad Cookie- Hands by Sileny Noel, slink appliers, only 1L 

Pose and Cat: UNCERTAIN SMILE - SURPRISED KITTY Blue 2 by me! is part of the opening gift from my store, Uncertain smile.

Hearts: Kuro - Wired love by Luana Dawg, free just until 11:59 PM slt opf today.