Friday, 23 August 2013

What to wear with epic hair...

free stuff for free*style

O hey it's me again! I wanted the opportunity to photo this not-free but awesome hair -- Helena Stringer's Blossom Maiden hair, currently at Genre (read more about the event here). Luckily there was a lot of cheap/free stuff to blog with it, including this skin, this tattoo, and these boots. The dress was only 10L!

(Note: The skin is lighter if you're using "optimal prim" windlight, but I like to get all fanceh for photos.)

I hope you're enjoying your Friday, I have been so far! *yawn* …

free stuff for free*style
Boots: Curious Kitties group gift Stylish Bronze Boots
Dress: Curious Kitties Stylish Bronze Dress -- Group 10L
Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos - checkered -- free at shop
Skin: Story Leaf Penny - Milky group gift skin (Also a free boy skin that I will hopefully blog later!)

Not free:
Garter: fashionably Dead garter flask - black at Collabor88
Eyes: Curious Kitties sparkler penguine eyes at the CK gatcha arcade, 100L
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum Blossom Maiden in carrots with dark branches at Genre
Lashes: Dutch Touch SjORs