Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bye-Bye Hair Fair 2013 and Bye-Bye Me!

How time flies!  Hair Fair 2013 is in it's last weekend.  I wanted to show you a few more items from the fair including a great gift in the photo below.  Both outfits I am featuring are outfits from Shop Free*Style, which I have not done nearly enough justice in promoting as there are really some wonderful things there for so cheap!  I also wanted to mention but I did not have time to take more shots, is that tomorrow, the closing day of Hair Fair is Bandana Day. Bandana Day is a hair fair tradition and you are to remove your pretty pixel hair and don a bandana in support of the kids that get help from Wigs for Kids, the hair fair charity.  There are some GORGEOUS bandanas to pick up for only 50 L each.  Each sim at Hair Fair has a store just for bandanas.  They are transferable and you can find them for both genders and in a wide variety of styles.  I bought...a lot. Of course, 100% of the proceeds benefit Wigs for Kids.
This is my last post for Free*Style. I've been with the blog since at least 2009; I can't remember the exact month but I've been at it a long time and it's time to move on.  Sileny Noel will remain owner of the blog as well as have control of Shop Free*Style.  Being a part of Free*Style has meant a lot to me, especially all the wonderful people I've met through it.  I've always been a huge clothes horse in SL, endlessly fascinated by the creative process, and blogging has given me a front row seat that I won't forget. It's been a challenging year in RL but I'm still around in SL from time to time and I'm always involved in lots of projects so hopefully I will see you around!  Take good care of the lovely and dedicated folks at Free*Style. They have big hearts and good eyes.  With love, from me.
Credits: Slurls for Hair Fair & more info about Bandana Day can be found on the official Hair Fair site
Photo 1:
Hair: !Ohmai: Frankie: not free - but is there anything that woman can not do? TY Anya
Dress: Adoness: Persephone: Free at Shop Free*Style: I had not seen a dolly dress in awhile and I used to just lovvvveee them.
Stockings: Color.Me.H.O.F.: Knit Socks - not free
Make-Up: Miamai - Dark Eyes
Photo 2:
Hair: CIC!!: Desiree: Gift at Hair Fair 2013: lemme quickly tell you about the gifts here. Insanely generous, Calico Ingmann, has 4 gifts at the fair, all of them fatpacks.  They include 2 color huds, a streaks hud and all the hair bases you need.  TY so much, Calico!  (On Sim 3 of HF2013)
Dress: Valentina E: Zigzag Dress Black: new release available at Shop Free*Style - L$50 so cute!
Stockings: Cotona&Co.: Black Dot Stockings - group gift - free join/there are about 5 gifts here including a cute mesh dress