Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Some lucky chair stuff

I wanted to show you the items in the lucky chair at Duh! I love Duh for their inexpensive shoes and accessories, and recently, the lucky chairs have been updated with this bag in white and these shoes in white. You can find them on the second floor.

Lucky Chair stuff - Duh!, elymode

I decided to pair them with one of the not so new lucky chair prizes at elymode, these leggings in this color. Some notes about the shoes, they come with an alpha layer included, and this bag comes with sliver and gold chain options and also with and without pose as well.

(I usually use a white background but since white on white is blinding, I changed it to black. I can't always say that I'll do this style of posting by the way. I prefer doing features.)

Lucky Chair Stuff - Duh! (close)

Edit: Oops, I did not notice that I didn't put a slurl for elymode until this morning. Sorry.

Other stuff:
Hair: Fab-U-Lous
Skin: the body co.
Tattoo Lashes: Mock
Top: fri.day, 0L
Poses: estetica: saw her standing there, simplicity