Sunday, 8 May 2011





shirt: Nanuk, gift. unisex shirt.
skin: old prize from Mother Goose lucky board, a ton of other skins available in the boards! Men's skins are only 300L.
worn with facial hair: Nanuk, slurl takes you to FIR and Nanuk is the store next to it. (Many thanks to Till of Slipsters for telling me about Nanuk!)
pants: Aoharu
hair: Anaphora
finger tapes: Luck Inc, 1L
tattoo: actchio
charm necklace: horoscope necklace gacha at Modd.G

F.I.R Westbrook bracelets, 50L special for 50L Friday, still out for 50L.
outline necklace with dove outline from F.I.R, 100L
brogues in black+charcoal from F.I.R, 250L, laces and eyelets are texture change!

Poses: Glitterati by Katey Coppola.