Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Wow, this feels strange, I'm actually blogging, I've almost forgot how.

Well I've been laid low with some bug over the past few days and not able to go out shopping and I thought, I KNOW, I'll make a little something and do a blog post.

I read about these really cool paper lashes in one of my mags, so I felt inspired and thought I'd give a go at making something similar in SL, I hope you like them!

Snowflake lashes
the unstylishness of my Free*Style ads are intentional, OR NOT

ALSO, I happened to hear about this beautifully detailed festive table from Kari, it's free when you join the Kari group and look at the notice archives.  There is a great 50L sale on at Kari, check it out!


This table comes complete with poses, TOO MUCH WINE AND FOOD urghghgh (that will be me on Christmas day)


Happy holidays everyone!

where to get stuff
Snowflake Lashes: Free*Style - 1L or pay whatever
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Muffin _B3.5 (Group Gift)
Hair: Clawtooth (0L in store)
festive table of fabulousness - Kari (Group Gift)