Thursday, 23 December 2010

Eastbound and Brown

If I am wearing something brown it means I really, really like it. I generally don't love wearing brown because in RL it looks horrible against my skin tone and I guess my dislike of it transferred to SL. So when you see me wearing this much of that earthy tone you know it must be good!
Look at the back of this jacket...the extra details of the ruffles and ears on the hood make this a need-to-have piece.
I also had to show a close up of the shoes because they are so "sweet." PUN INTENDED!

Jacket: izm., lucky board prize (one regular board, one group only board and also two other boards with different prizes.)
Shorts: izm., 5L
Leggings: Couverture, free through the Love Soul Zombie Event
Gingerbread Shoes: Rose River Saloon, group gift
Hair: Fri.Day
Skin and Makeup: Mango, Mango!