Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I kissed a Mango and I liked it!



Ya it's me, I'm back(sort of). I've been super sick the last 4 months, and am starting to try to get back into a more normal routine again. My first post of the year was going to be a man post, but I couldn't resist these Mango, Mango Skins. I don't normally do posts on openings, group gifts, and whatnot, cause the blogs are so saturated with them. But I could not RESIST these skins. Honest. I was rolling around on the floor in them like they were the demon version of catnip.

You'll see in the pic above, I'm wearing Mango, Mango's Skin Dollarbie made for the reopening of Aqua. And well it's Aqua! This made me very happy, cause after hearing about [42] closing down, I didn't know where I was going to get my basic everyday coloured skins. I mean I'm aqua like every other hour! Well maybe every other day. These horns from House of Ruin were perfect for this skin, you can nab them in the 7Seas fishing area on the Mountain at the Aurora Vale Sim . These eyes were only L$30 at the Valentines Bazaar, made by Little Pricks( a store name to really sink into eh?).

So Aqua skin, for Aqua opening. So what can you get from Aqua? Well like always they are very generous. You can nab this little black dress that makes even my small boobs look massive. I'm wearing pirate boots from Duh! to go with it.

Here I have on the other "coloured" skin from Mango, Mango, called Purple and Proud. It went perfect with the L$5 deal from Aqua, this little lavender boob wrapper(so not named that guys). Same Duh! boots, different Duh! colour.

Aqua happens to be in a few hunts, this lingerie is a gift from the Burning Hearts hunt. I paired it with Mango, Mango Sun Goddess skin, which is a steal at the Valentines Bazaar.

This dress is part of the Heat Wave hunt. I'm wearing Mango, Mango skin in Classic, which you can nab for L$150 for a wee bit longer.

Also at the Valentines Bazaar are these poses from On the Cover.

I just had to show you my fav Mango, Mango Skin, Lemonade in Pale. It's sooooo hard finding yellow makeup. Not gold, yellow!

Here are some more Mango, Mango skins

Upper Left-Art Accident-Lucky Board Gift
Upper Right-Goldy-L$1 Instore Gift
Lower Left-Retro-Lucky Board Gift
Lower Right-Sea Face in Pale-L$50 Valentines Bazaar Deal

Upper Left-Spring Goddess-L$50 Valentines Bazaar Deal
Upper Right-Wild Blue Yonder in Tan-L$50 Valentines Bazaar Deal
Lower Left- Tropix in Pale-L$150 Instore Discount
Lower Right-Dolli in Pale-L$150 Instore Discount


Profile Picture and Pic#1

Skin-Mango, Mango! -Aqua Opening-Instore Dollarbie
Eyes-Little Pricks-L$30 Valentines Bazaar Deal
Dress-Aqua-Daring Deidra in Black-Store Opening Deal-L$1
Boots-Duh! -Pirate Boots in Black-L$0
Horns-House of Ruin-The Fool Horns-7Seas Fishing Prize


Skin-Mango, Mango! -Purple and Proud-Instore Dollarbie
Top-Aqua-Bandeaus in Lavender-L$5 for a Limited Time(Store Reopening Deal)
Boots-Duh! -Pirate Boots in Purple-L$0


Skin-Mango, Mango! -Sun Goddess-L$50 Valentines Bazaar Deal
Lingerie-Aqua-Careless Whisper Lingerie-Burning Hearts Hunt Item


Skin-Mango, Mango! -Classic in Pale-L$150 for a Limited Time Only
Dress-Aqua-Sizzler in Red-Heat Wave Hunt Item


Poses-On the Cover-LG Poses 1&2-L$1 for the pack of 2


Skin-Mango, Mango! -Lemonade in Pale-L$150 for a Limited Time Only

Pic#7 and Pic#8-Credits with Pictures

All poses in post(excluding Pic#5 and Pic#6) are from KS2Cool's newest pose pack for L$5.

***Why is there stuff not Credited? Find out why here!***

Now for a bit of random news . . .

To all those remembering my "Under 30 Days" Posts, they will be started back up again soon. I have 4 months of catching up, finding moved store landmarks, sending out the vendors to those that sent in apps, and various other things. So more on that next week.


Sileny said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWW! I love you forever!

Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Titania Tigerpaw said...

yayz Helena so good to have u back <3

Renee Harvy (Duh!) said...

Missed you! You always make my stuff look fabo... thank you thank you thank you!