Tuesday, 2 February 2010

KDC Mall Opening

KDC Mall for hair opened today and there are oodles of free hairs available.  There are 3 lucky boards throughout the building as well, none of which I managed to win because other E's had the nerve to be there before me and I won't steal other folk's wins!  There are styles and hair colors here that are exclusive to the mall so if you are a hair ho like me you will love it here.  I cannot show all the free hairs or it would take over the blog so here is a sampling.  A quick note, the hairs from Zeus required a group tag to get but there is a set of dreads (which I didn't show that are fantastic - and good for the guys too).  The poses I'm using are from the HeadShot set at Glitterati...wonderful poses for closeups! Not free but worth every penny!
Zeus KDC 6 color
Mischief Boy KDC Freebie
CriCri Bon
CriCri mHat (for the guys, too)

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