Sunday, 14 February 2010

Cupcakes, Shag, and a Limited Edition Opportunity!

Shag sent out this great subscribo gift of hair in blonde and black! It's a really great updo, perfect or lots of different occasions. The skin is the latest group gift from Cupcakes and available in all tones.
I thought I would show you some limited edition cheapies from Prue's real quick too! Prue's isn't an actual store, it is a free gift server. Basically, whenever Pru makes something cute she sends it out free to her subscriber members. Problem is, the group has gotten HUGE and she can no longer afford the upkeep. So I am all HEY make some stuff and sell it until you get enough money to pay the monthly subscribtion fee! And she did!All the items are cheap. The most expensive being only 115L and it comes with the dress AND shoes. Most things are 30L or less. Once she has enough money to keep the freebie server running for a while the items are gone! So get them now while you have a chance :)
All Pictures:
Skin: Cupcakes, group gift (join fee)
Hair: Shag, suscriber gift
Clothing: Prue's, limited editions 25L-115L to support the freebie server
Eyes: A.D.D. Andel @ Cupcakes 50L at the Monday Bake Sale (includes four pairs!)
Black Tank Top: !Ohmai, past freebie