Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Black and Blue

I've been feeling the blues lately so I found it only appropriate to show a few outfits that mirror my dark mood.  Cold weather is setting in my world and November is always a hard month for me.  But enough whining because it's picture time! 
I've fallen in love with Zeery's very reasonably priced scarves and accessories.  Zeerya Pyrithea has created a new poncho and as is her routine she always sets one out for a ridiculous price for a period of time.  The poncho comes in 3 versions and has been well sculpted.  Simone's snakeskin pants are not free but they are exceptionally made.  She has had a daily sale on a different color in both her stores, Style Starts Here and Simone.  Today is White and Wine so I will be down there to pick these up in new colors today. 
Poncho: Zeery: Poncho in Cloudy: 5 L
Earrings: Zeery: Fat Pack of Poncho Matching Earrings: Cloudy: Group Gift
Pants: Style Starts Here: Snakeskin Pants Black: not free
Hair: Tiny Bird: Precious Things: not free
Skin: Cupcakes: Lovespell Honey Gift 13: you can win in the lucky chair (shown in all photos


I think Rarurick Ragu of WhoNose is an exceptional designer.   Her range of skill has become so broad and if everyone could make that little prim on tight skirts and dresses as well as she does I would be one happy camper!  I fear those things, I swear.  Try as I might I usually cannot get one of the sides to fit right.  Rarurick, goddess, also includes a resize script in it but for once I could wear it and go.  The Sanna ice outfit includes everything shown here (well except me, my hair and stuff) for only 10 L!  Look about her store for more great deals and admire her work.  You will not see just one or two styles.
Outfit: WhoNose: Sanna Ice Outfit: 10 L includes boots
Hair: Clawtooth: Mrs. Mittens: not free
Earrings: Deco: Memories

Ilaya has the cute Darlen outfit as a dollarbie until this Sunday.  It includes a nicely textured tank top in baby blue and cuffed hip pants in a blue tiger texture.  My sweet friend, Shiva999 Zymurgy, TPed me for the lucky chair at Syds for the cool Amelie hair that includes the headphones that emit little musical notes.  I paired it with the free XGreed purse from Wanda's on XStreet to show her protest for LL's new listing costs on XStreet.  Buy now because many venders won't be there soon! The shoes are from the Sad Color Flats fat pack at [glow] Studio for 1 L.
Outfit: Ilaya: Darlen: 1 L
Jewelry: ellabella: The Proverbial Pearl Necklace: not free but nothing says screwed like it

Shoes: [glow] Studio: Sad Color Flats - Grey: 1 L for fat pack

Purse: Wanda's: XGreed purse on Xstreet: free
Hair: Syds: Amelie: lucky board


Dream said...

The scarves and ponchos at Zeery are all just two flexi-rectangular prims with a texture on it... in other words they're 2D, and completely flat when viewed sideways. No offense but a two-prim panel slapped with a texture does not qualify for a price like 110L. The sculpty look on the ads in the store is very misleading, I'm glad I didn't buy a full-price one there.

Eden Knoller said...

I'm sorry you didn't like it. I always enjoy Zeerya's work.

Ashia Tomsen said...

Bah, spend your lindens on what you like, make a blog, take pictures, process them, get people to go to the store. Done that lately? Kthnxbai. Ps When you do, PLEASE put the link here, so that we too may critique the living daylights out of you.

Zeerya Pyrithea said...

Hey you person...you! O_O. That is an insult! I'll have you know that I would nevar-evar use a rectangular prim for making ponchos! Cylinders, I use cylinders!

...T_T and if you cant see that in my work then...*sniff*

*runs off into the sunset with tears streaming behind her*

Zeerya Pyrithea said...

Ps: Eden I'm wearing Rarurick Ragu's boots! Tell him they are teh sex! XD