Monday, 23 November 2009


Gosh it's been so long since I last blogged, you know how you get out of the habit of things and then can never find time to do it? That's me and SL and blogging right now.

I had to jump in and show you this beautiful Dollheart White Goth dress which is a lucky board gift from Blue Blood. It has 3 skirt options as shown and a shirt with or without the heart and includes the sexy panties and suspenders. You are spoiled for choice!


Here is a closer shot of the teal version of this dress, the texturing is beautiful and all hand drawn, she's a talented lady, our Ghanima. This dress is not free, it comes with all the same options as the one above.


While I'm here I will also show you some stuff for guys. My boi alt was delighted to get out and stretch his virtual legs a bit, he doesn't get out much..poor guy!

This awesome shirt is from Whippet & Buck and this particular colour is FREE! Worn here with free slacks from Miw at Gnubie store, (top floor). So if you know any noobs about who need a makeover, take them to get these - they will look stylish in no time.


The Ewan skin is a group gift from Belleza, this group has got a 250L join fee but is well worth it for all the quality gifts regularly given out.


Pic 1
White Dollheart dress: Blue Blood lucky board

Pic 2
Teal Dollheart dress: Blue Blood (not free)
***Chaisuki*** gina twilight-rose peach skin (not free)
.:[ Tiny Bird ]:. Kissy Kissy - Stein Silver (not free)
Poses: in the Free*Style box of poses at Winterstock (free)

Pic 3 & 4
Shay Contrast Stripe Shirt:Whippet & Buck (free in this colour only)
Pants: Miw at Gnubie Store (3rd floor)
Ewan Skin: Belleza Group Gift (250L join fee)
Glasses: Free*Style at Slaughter City (1L or pay what you wish)
Male Hair: I got this in the Truth sale, but I can't find it now - sowwy!

Photo studio's in the male pics were group gifts from Lithium - not sure if still available but you can use them at Free*Style


Sileny said...

Hubba hubba.

Thirza Ember said...

bout time u came back and blogged. we miss Creamyposts!!