Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tough Girl

"Hey Kid...Gimme Yer Lunch Money!""I gotta get a Christmas gift for my kid sister. All you got is a dollar fifty!? Get outta here kid. Pfft."

"Hmm. Now I gotta get dressed all classy-like. This look should do."
Pics 1 and 2:
Pants: Ingenue, MM board prize
Belt" *CoCo*, group gift
Skin: &Bean, not free
Hat: Sway's Creations, not free
Shirt: The Plastik, 99L on sale
Cig and Smoking AO: FreeStyle HQ, free

Pic 3:
Hair w/Hat: Black Maria, subscribo gift
Mini Skirt: The Plastik, group gift
Tiger Sweater: The Plastik, lucky board prize
Boots: Vinyl Cafe, free
Leggings: Khush, not free

Thank you Batty Denja for posing with me!!!

Batty is Wearing:
Outfit from Sweetest Goodbye
Hair from Here Comes Trouble
Skin from Curio