Friday 17 April 2009

My Daddy Warned Me About Girls Like This

Franger Poster

Guess it's a good thing their Mamas didn't warn them about ME.

The new SN@TCH City sim and it's neighbour Pulse are hosting a condom hunt to help raise awareness of STD's, and how to prevent catching them. I was taught that the best contraceptive there could possibly be is to get the girl to take an aspirin. (She just needs to hold it between her knees.) But failing that condoms are pretty much the best other device out there. So SN@TCH, Retox, Gauze, The Stringer Mausoleum, Silver Wheel, Illuminati, Forsaken and all the stores on the SN@TCH City sim have scattered frangers around filled with huntly goodness. I checked, by the way - they are all fresh ones. Feel free to make revolted noises in the back of your throat right about now.

Franger 1

There's a mad variety of items from clothing, shoes, skins, furniture and even artwork. As you can see from my pics, there is plenty of stuff out there for the guys, I'm especially loving all over these TSM "Strangled Love" skins.

Franger 2

Now... be aware that not all of the rubbers are completely free. Check before you click "buy" as to whether you want what is in them or not - that way we all get saved a lot of grief later. The highest priced one I saw was 100l, and that was for a full furniture suite. I can assure you that the value of what they are filled with far exceeds the asking price of all of them.

Franger 3

So come and pick up prophylactics, get goodies and help raise awareness in the process. And if any of you lovely ladies need help using them later, my number is written on the toilet walls at Neva Naughty.

Not Free - Strife Hair by Exile



beolas whitfield said...

these are realy the absolute uglyest mens
clothes i have every seen in a sl blog. i like your blog very much - but please - women do absolutely not know EVERYthing about mens stuff... don´t waist your time by showing stuff like that. show us mor of your beautiful womens wear :). ;)

Ashia Tomsen said...

um hate to break it to you Beolas, Winter is ALL man. Not a V in sight. And taste is a personal thing no?

Winter Jefferson said...

I see your XX and I raise you an XY...

Point taken, Beolas. But mine personal style - and what that I blog here on F*S - is that I do the hunts, then mix up what I find to make interesting outfits. You don't have to like what I do to them, but look at the individual pieces one by one before making your judgements.

Amd yeah, what Ash said. I be big bah He-Man, grunt snort growl.

Anonymous said...

^^^Hahahaha this is to funny!