Saturday 18 April 2009

Fangrling Aleri Darkes + Love from Lemania

Aleri Darkes has put out a small mess of preview skins at Diversity Hair on the Addictive Sim.

Yes Yes I agree. You probably need them.
From Lemania we've got the Midnight Madness special Midnight Blue which will only be up for three days.

You know Lemania is a ballgown lovers paradise and she's mega good to her group with gifts so if you haven't joined yet, it's time to make space.

And from Lemania as well we've got her daily freebie and you've still got HOURS AND HOURS to pick that sucker up - she won't take this next one down until 9am SLT tomorrow morning!

This is also one of Aleri's skins - smexy exotic!

Where to get it:

Shape - Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills

Skin - All pictured are from the preview pack available at Diversity Hair

The hair in the pictures at the top is also from Diversity called KACENA and is a lucky chair prize.

The Hair in the bottom pics is Brat from Diversity and is a dollarbie.

Eyes - Freebie from Earthstones Stoned Eyes - Turquoise

Ballgown - Midnight Blue - Midnight Mania Gown from Lemania

Cheetah Print Dress - Cat Scratch Fever from Lemania- freebie ONLY avail until 9am STL 4/18/09

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Unknown said...

Awww they look great on you!!