Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Theme is Black

Some black outfits for you today!

under my heel

1. Outfit from Addoro Design, Ashia has already blogged the Valentine freebie in: With Love From The Biatchipoos.
2. Hair from Lamb, not free.
3. Shoes from Stiletto Moody *remind herself to thank sis for the persent*, not free.

I took this picture at the Free*Style love shack, I know many of you could not find where it is to get Creamy's "Beckhams" pose and shapes pack. It is on the right of the main Free*Style building; look for a wooden chair outside of it!

Pose comes with optional kiddie stool, if you like it, it is avaliable at Free*Style HQ.

My Shoe Obsession

1. RFyre Gothic Couture Clothing - Dahlia (from lucky chair)
2. Ankle Patent Boots from Bax Coen, not free
3. Sunglasses from Fashionably Dead, not free


1. Outfit from WoE for the Greatest Love hunt, I like the sculpted end to the jeans it looks very good with a simple pair of pumps!
2. Pumps from Maitreya, new group gift; assorted colors avaliable!
3. Sunglasses from Fashionably Dead, not free.
4. Hair from Lamb, not free.

Here's Takeshi begging on the streets, he needs to sell blood so he can bury his dad, I already gave him 10 mantou (chinese steamed buns), he called me master for a day and played music all day long; perhaps he will give u his blood if he got more than steamed buns XD

Have a nice evening everybody!


Creamy Cooljoke said...

I love your pics Suri :)

I'm going to make a map for the landing point at Free*Style so that people can find each building :)

Dahlindah Destiny said...

Sexy, girl!!

SerinaJane said...

Thank you for featuring Bax Coen boots in your post. Hugs nice layout too.

You are in our feat blog in the bax Coen mainstore atm ;)