Thursday 15 May 2008

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zaara indian couture has a pretty little grand opening gift out at their house of heart mall location, this decadent gold and ivory babydoll (there's also a free box of bindis available.. and after you grab the gift, do peek around, there's some lovely full priced things to be found):

[skin - laqroqiueryewi or whatever. sorry, still can't spell it... the Place Formerly Known as RAC (not free); hair - etd, and really, there's no way anyone needs a slurl for etd anymore right? (not free)]

speaking of grand openings, eldee recently added a new mainstore complete with... you guessed it... a gift! yay! the box contains a swimsuit and hat, but i went straight for the dress (disregard the weird satanly shading magic windlight wreaks on the prim skirt attachment):

if you're on the err, juicier side like me you'll have to do a minimal bit of fiddling around to extricate the belt from your belly but the few seconds of work is so worth it. okay, now i'm just babbling. i have no idea how long this stuff will be available, so if you miss out... i don't want to hear it. :P


Ashia Tomsen said...

sooooooooo purdy! *waits impatiently for the work day to be over*

Cheri Pye said...

lol @ WindLshite!

So pretty Olivia :)

Ashia Tomsen said...

gah nearly blogged it again. That'll teach me for not paying attention when I'm supposed to be rl working!!

Bella Baroque said...