Friday 18 April 2008

Dotty about Elate

I love summer dresses in SL, you don't have to worry about hairy legs, shaving/waxing rashes, fake tan streak marks. So great!

Kelly IWish of Elate sent a notice to Fashcon about the gorgeous 'Clair' dresses. These are being discontinued on Wednesday, so until then they are 1L for all 3 pastel shades, mint, teal and rose. I'm wearing the gorgeous new QS group gift skin from Bianca F here, you can get this if you join the group by searching for Bianca F in Group Search and then look in the notice archives, or even better, TP to the store and click the subscribo sign, click it again and choose History, Option 1. Links at the bottom of the post.


This wicked 60s backcombed style hair worn is from Seri's new store at Moz Radio which Miu sent a message about to the Free*Style group a few days ago. This one is hidden around the corner in a box by the coffee table, all the full price hairs are only around 70L, a small selection so far but really cute and different.


Whoops, had my facelight up too high on this pic...sorry if I've burnt your retina's!!


Kellie IWish in her store Elate when I visited and she was wearing this awesome 'Felicity' dress, I just had to buy it. A Flapper style dress which comes in various colours, it goes so well with this free hair also from Seri (I tinted the band to match the dress) and the free Miasnow skin which Olivia blogged in the previous post.
The foxytastic Fuel Bella Courts and Robot necklace were found on the Ravenwear hunt.


Clair Dresses: Elate (free)
Felicity Dress: Elate (not free)
Turban and Present Hairstyles: Seri f.wi (free)
QS skin: Bianca F (Group Gift)
Mia Skin: Miasnow at bricktown (free for a limited time)
Bella Shoes and Robot Necklace: Fuel (free on the Ravenwear Key Hunt)
Meg Shape by Creamy at Free*Style (1L)

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Kellie Iwish said...

Thanks for posting Creamy :) You totally rock those dresses!