Thursday 17 April 2008

in which i refuse to think up a title

one of my favoritest things about this dopey game is that i can run around scantily clad if i wanna, and i often do (an um, tendency of which by now i'm sure you're all painfully aware... sorry guys). this has been a pretty good week for the bargain shopping hooker in me. TINWOP, you say? well, since you've twisted my arm.....

alphamale & blacklace currently has an instore gift bag which includes the following sassy bra and panties. i went with black, but pink, blue, green, and red versions are also included. shown also is a free vampalectable miasofia skin, available only at the bricktown satellite location, and only for a limited time... as always, the delicate doll-like face is so pretty, and the belly has a vulnerable softness to it that's often missing in skins, i find:

[hair - sky everett designs, temptress (600L); stockings - sheer, polka dot torn (50L)]

i got a notice from the eldee update group about a 3L instore special and y'all know i was on that like winnie the pooh on a pot of hunny. the pack contains three satiny teeny tiny dresses (tops? probably!), and again i naturally (boringly) gravitated toward the black but you also get silver and white to choose from. word to the wise: make sure you wear panties with this, should you choose to wear this as a dress.... i forgot and when i sprawled out on my chaise, boy did i get an eyeful :D.

[hair - here comes trouble, satelina [(149L for a pack of four tipped variations on the color); skin - beauty avatar - nemesis, (as blogged by creamy earlier); stockings/garter - sheer, wrinkled (50L each); hat - chapeau tres mignon, skull (not free)]

oh, right, the shoes. you can find these straight-out-of-the-bettie-page-playbook heels at fuel as part of the ravenwear hunt creamy blogged about earlier. meee-ow!


edit: evidently i am the queen of blogging things which will immediately vanish as soon as i hit publish post ;) . i got an im from dot lane about troubles finding the alphamale and blacklace gift, so i went down to the store to help search, and poof! gone. i swear it was there a day or two ago, you guys, in the giftboxes near the red couch in the lingerie area of the store. sorry everyone. :(


Sai Pennell said...

Oh my goodness! That skull hat thing is totally adorable! I must go get that! XD

Creamy Cooljoke said...

Ooh you secksy Minx. Yep, SL is the only place you can go shopping with half naked.

Wait....miasofia free skin????

*runs off to log on to SL*

Bella Baroque said...

you're a leetle hoar, but i still <3 your posts, hehe. jkjkjk..... sort of ;)