Saturday, 6 June 2020

To Market To Market Find Some Cheap Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone! I thought I'd kick off this post with a confession. I'm currently rolling with ABOUT $137 in linden balance and just like regular mortals, I'm broke for a bit. But really what is SLife without a bit of weekend shopping? NOTHING that's what! I decided to raid MP for something fun and fresh and I'm delighted to share with you that if you're savvy, it will NOT disapoint.

First of all I'm still rocking the free head from CATWA - Freya. I actually quite like it on me and am gonna stay here a bit until I decide I'm not. If you didn't pick it up yet wtf are you doing?

Just grab it, you might want it later.

Top and pants today are each 1 linden. The top is from Blueberry - so you know it's nicely made. Both pieces have huds with TONS of options for textures and honestly even if they didn't, wtf do you expect for 1L ? The top has a long version (worn) and a short one which is more like a bra.The pants have many textures also and fit really well. I get cranky when stuff doesn't quite FIT the body. Both these pieces fit Belleza, SLINK or Maitreya bods.

I popped over to FREE DOVE and grabbed the mani and pedi sets that AlaskaMetro has out there. Seriously - it's a TON of nail polish options for free. They work with either Maitreya or Omega so yes that's everybody. FREE. Did I say Free? Just join the Free Dove group.

These shoes are also a great pick up, 1L on MP plus the pedicure for free for AlaskaMetro. The shoes come with a HUD that allows many texture change options on the shoes in a variety of colors and patterns. Very cute.

My hair today is Rezology also a 1L item on MP.

Now - I feel like this was an amazing shopping trip. 4L spent. Got new top, shoes, hair and jeans. Winning.

Gidge is Wearing:
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Head: Catwa - Freya
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins - Mabelline - June Group Gift
Hair: Rezology - MP Dollarbie
Top: Blueberry - Get It Here
Jeans: Jellyroll - Jeans are Here
Shoes: Venus - Buy them here
Nails: Alaska Metro - Free - At FREE DOVE