Tuesday, 6 November 2018

A Different Direction

 Hi all! Long time no see! While I was gone the blog, as you can see, basically died. I had to leave SL for a while due to health reasons and when I came back I was sad to see what happened.  I am not sure if anyone will revive the blog.  I have my own blogs and I contribute to others so if no one is reading this one or participating I am not sure if it should continue.
  For now, however, I am still very much enjoy finding good deals! I still keep up with the Free*Style Flickr group, which is opted out of the limits so don't worry about being in too many groups to add photos! I am considering reopening the Free*Style Pinterest but haven't decided yet. If there is interest then I might. Shop Free*Style still exists so feel free to send you poor n00b friends there to check it out.
  So, as you can see, the freebie hunting lives on in a different way. I hope you can feel free to send me messages any time you need any SL help (or, heck, just want someone to tell you you're pretty and cool) and I will be there for my readers! Ciao!