Monday, 27 June 2016

Little Demon

Sneaky little demon she is, causing chaos through the portals. Dancing with her small little spirits giggling in the abyss. Don't be fooled by this colorful creature it has eyes everywhere.

You have till the end of the month to get these lovely items from Glutz, the hunt costs 6L a piece, there is a hint board when you land at the entrance of the store. JapanDragon has several Kemono mods in the lucky board and it's on 10 min time. The group is free to join, it's a cute shop and look around the store affordable mods for everyone. My favorite one to date is the free mod I gotten from Halloween Last year that too is in the lucky board.

I love how designers are getting on board with the Lucky Boards and Midnight Mania boards again. I LOVE doing them and I sat at Olive to get this freakish hairstyle that I thought went pretty well with my kemono idea. So if you have some time wanting to waste or bored go hit these places up and get some cheap, but bangin' items.

Little Demon

Hair: Olive - The Roz Hair - Bubble Goth [Free, Lucky Board 10mins]

Halo: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Nai - Halo Black

Horns: Glutz - Hellish Horns - 666 Hunt [6L, comes with hud changes into three colors]

Horn 2: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - RavRav v1 Tenebra Horns - Black

Eyes: B. Sinister - Starry Eyes [Free, Marketplace]

Avatar Mod: JapanDragon - Eyes [Free, Lucky Board, Join Group Free to Join]

Piercing: Glutz - Penta-Piercing - 666 Hunt [6L]

Collar: Glutz - Penta-Collar - 666 Hunt [6L]

Top: Sn@tch - Lil Monsta Sweaters - Purple -XSmall

Belly Ring: Glutz - Devil Navel - 666 Hunt [6L]

Skirt: Glitter Trash -  Cupcake Skirt - V.2

Wings: Glutz - Fiend Flappers Wings - 666 Hunt [6L, comes with hud changes colors]

Tail: Glutz - hearts of spades tail - 666 Hunt [6L, comes with hud changes colors]

Particals: Cole's Corner - Foxfire, Glamour Glitter, & Night of the Fireflies