Friday 4 September 2015

Tutorial Thursdays - Gacha Minion - Part 4 - Friendly Selling

Today we will be continuing our ongoing series of tutorials based on Gacha Minion. I decided to show you a little technique I use, when I am able, to keep my Boxes more friendly, not only to those who actually use Gacha Minion, but also those who do not. You never know who might happen upon your little yardsale, and this is something simple you can do to make looking at your resells a bit easier.

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This is how you little boxes look, right?

You get hover text above, telling you what the item is, but visuals are always more appealing right?

So here is a quick way to go about setting up your boxes to better suit all types of shoppers.

First, you need to get your hands on all of the ads for the items you are selling. The Arcade is the easiest to do this with, as some yardsale places have them ready for resellers. You can alternatively get ads from the gacha items themselves, some have them included, or you can get them from release notecards.

One place you can go, for The Arcade gacha keys is Epic Gacha Market. You will need a group space free, as you have to the group in order to get the gacha keys. The group is free to join.

TP to Epic Gacha Market

Click the join sign, accept the invite, then click the Blue Giftbox on the desk.

You now are the proud owner of a bustling bundle of gacha keys!

 Now you are going to want to find the ad from the box, that matches your gacha item, so you have it ready to slap on. Open your Build Window, click the Texture Tab, then hit Edit Linked(to the top left of the Build Window). This will allow you to change the texture of the inner box. Now drag your texture over to the little texture box in the Build Window.

Now all your yardsalers can figure out what is on your tables, without having to use google search.

I hope this helps!

If you want something to be explained a bit more, please feel free to send me a notecard to my main avatar, Helena Stringer, inworld, and I will see if it is something I can put up here, as part of the continuing series of Gacha Minion tutorials.

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