Thursday 10 September 2015

Tutorial Thursdays - Utilizing the Free*Style Monday Morning Pinterest Board

Today on Tutorial Thusdays, we are going to be doing a super quick tutorial on Pinterest. I have been getting a few messages, of people not understanding our Monday Morning Pinterest Board feature, so wanted to clear a few things up for you all.

I am placing a cut here, for the sake of the feeds that Free*Style is on, as tutorials always get sort of picture heavy.

If you would like to learn more, please continue on through the cut.
Most of the messages that have been coming to me as of late, have been about how to get the items that are on our pinterest board.

The first thing you are going to have to do is sign up. Pinterest no longer allows for random people to view content from their site.

So go to Pinterest, fill out the signup, much like any site/game/software. There is a quick connect feature with Facebook, if you want to go that route.

Once you have your account, I think it does a little tutorial. It's been a while, I have had my own account for some time now. If you want to follow it and learn all about the various buttons and stuff, then do so.

Above it your basic start screen, which will be customized specifically to you. It'll show you various pins from people you follow, boards you follow, things based on search you have done recently, as well as things based on the pins you make yourself. Don't ask me why I have a bike on mine, I have no clue, haha.

At the top right will be your name, you can click on that, and it'll take you to your own personal Pinboard Page.

It'll show you the stats for your account, like how many boards you have, how many you follow, that sort of thing. 

To start you off with something to play with, follow Sileny's and I'd board:

Helena & Sileny's Freebie/Cheap Shopping Adventures

Just click the little button to the right that looks like this:

So you are now following one board. Now click on an item you would like to get for free.
You will be taken to a window that looks like this, that pops up over the board. You see your selected item, and then right below is a link. That would be where the pinner originally found the item from. AS you can see with this item, it was from the Store's website. To get the information on the item, you would need to click that link.
From there, you would just find the info you are looking for.
It seems like a round about way for things, but pins come from many locations, such as Flickr, other pinboards, SL Marketplace, Store Websites, Blogs, and so on. So Pinterest has their own built in feature, that links to the source of the Picture that is pinned. That way we as the pinners don't have to manually input information for every single pin. It makes the process much easier for us, as pinners. The extra steps you as a Freebie Finder are minimal, really, it is just clicking a few links.
I hope this helps you all out, and allows you to enjoy our Monday Morning Pinterest feature a bit more in the future.