Monday, 3 August 2015

The Long Swim

Some journeys are long, seemingly without end or much rest. 

We have been losing a lot of Second Life residents this year to the big C word, Cancer. Recently, we had the chance to band together with a single purpose, and help a designer, who still has a fighting chance. 

Lexi Zelin, owner of AngelRed Couture, a very popular Mesh Template creator, supplys such stores as Plastik, Snatch, Purplemoon, {MV} and many more, with the assets to allow them to create pieces for all SLers to enjoy. 

Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to assist in paying her medical bills / expenses as she is unable to work. Lexi is only 28 years old, mother of one beautiful little girl.

I know some people have started to get leery of these sorts of things, but this is a cause I support, and we here at Free*Style are always supportive of these sorts of fundraisers. 

Feel free to read more about the project, here at the Official Site. The Lexi Project will be open until August 9th, so please stop on by, and see if there is something you would like to purchase for a good cause.

I am wearing a circlet created for the event, by Asylum Utherwurldly, Owner/Designer of Chop Shop. There is a gold and silver version available. 

!Musa! has created these lovely mermaid ears for the new upcoming round of We Love Roleplay. While these are not free, they are discounted for the event. I had to show them to you as I got super excited to have been able to preview the new sim for WLRP, which you will all get to explore soon. These ears come with a hud, which allow you to change the colour of the ears, the metals and the seashells.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Together Apart (Custom Colour) - Not Free
Hairbase - Adoness - Shaved Swirls - only L$50 @ Mainstore
Skin - {Frick} - Myth Skin in Violet - only L$129 @ Mainstore
Eyes - Heaven's Gate - Purple Eyes - L$1
Lashes - Chemistry - Long Eyelashes - Free
Ears - !Musa! - Mermaid Ear w/colour change hud - *NEW* @ We Love Roleplay (Opens Aug. 4th 3pm slt)
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose - Not Free
Nail Appliers - Hello Dave - Frolic Nails - Free
Tattoo(Scales) - [Even-Tide] - Dragon Scales in Dark - Not Free
Starfish - !deviousMind - Starfish Pasties in Pink Sunset - Common Gacha Item @ Mainstore
Circlet - Chop Shop - Lexi Queen in Gold - 100% Charity Item @ The Lexi Project
Pose by [LAP]
Location - Haven of Mermaids