Thursday 4 June 2015

Tutorial Thursdays - Gacha Minion - Part 3 - The Boxes

Today we will be continuing our ongoing series of tutorials based on Gacha Minion. Now, I had planned to do something different for this week's tutorial, but with The Arcade just opening, I thought this was more appropriate, since I had to learn about the Sell List-o-matics myself rather recently.

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I am placing a cut here, for the feeds that pick up from the Free*Style Blog, as tutorials always get a bit picture happy.

If you would like to learn more, please continue on, through the cut

When you have something other than a Starter Account, you can have an automated experience with Gacha Minion. There are 3 Boxes that help with this.

If you have a Standard Account, you will be able to have the Have and Swap List-o-matic Boxes, if you have the Pro Account, you get those, plus the Sell List-o-matic Box.

I'm not totally sure how you are suppose to get your original ones, but when you go to the Main Kiosk, there is a big Gacha Minion Box, and you can click on it to get replacements, if you can't find yours.

Have List-o-matic Box and Trade List-o-matic

Rez either box out and you will get a local chat that has instructions.

Proceed to put all your items in, that you want listed on your Have List or Trade List. You will see the results of the processing of the boxes really quickly on the site. If you are already logged in, just click your account button again to refresh the screen and see the changes.

 Sell List-o-matic Box

So this will pop up with your Group Notices. If you have never dealt with scripted vendors that allow you to sell things, this is a typical sort of popup for scripted vendors. Allow Access on this, it wont take any money from you or anything. It is so you get your sales from the Sell Box.

Now I dragged in my item first, but it doesn't really matter, you can prize it first, or fill it first. As you can see here, the script inside actually renames your box with the item you place inside. Put the price you want to sell it at in the description field. It will not have any numbers there to start.

Now, if you got 3 of the same item, and don't have much prim space to play with, you could then put them in as well. Now when I say same item, I mean EXACT SAME. So like "Necklace Prize 2 - Blue". 

I personally like to just make a separate sell box for each.

Once you are done all the above, you can click on the box. It will then show up on your Gacha Minion Account.

People can then search though the site, or you can add in list links to any gacha notices you make on your social medias. 

To make a link that people can view, click on your blue Sell List Button. Then Click the Share List Button. 

A popup will appear, with your list link.

You can then share this where ever you want. I created a Gacha Minion Profile picture, and uploaded it to Flickr. I paste mine there, when I update things, and put it in the Gacha Minion Group. I also post to my Plurk. Just an example of a few ways to get your info out there. People viewing the lists, do not have to have a Gacha Minion Account.

You also get to see when you sell something, right on the Gacha Minion Site. 

My Boxes inworld are at a little yardsale my sister is hosting, which she put up on Seraphim. If you have never hear of Seraphim before, it will probably change the way you use sl. I know it optimizes my time spent inworld, as I don't have to search for things nearly as much as I use to.

Now, a few girls and I were talking about this on Plurk. A suggestion was formulated, for those of you who can't afford an ongoing Pro Account. Since The Arcade, and many other of the bigger gacha events, only happen so many times a year(The Arcade and Fantasy Gacha Carnival are 4 times a year for example). It would make sense to only buy the pro account for the period of time when you will be playing, trading and selling the most. You could then add in any other random gachas at that time, if you are able to sit on them for that long.

This might maximize your gain from the Pro features. Depending on how diehard you are with your gachas, it doesn't end up taking too long to get your membership back. I always end up having a few rares I don't want, and don't need for trading, so selling those will basically pay for the Pro account.


I think that is it for today. I am not totally sure what the next tutorial will be about.

Keep in mind, I am no pro at this system, I put these tutorials up, as I learn the system myself.

If you want something to be explained a bit more, please feel free to send me a notecard to my main avatar, Helena Stringer, inworld, and I will see if it is something I can put up here, as part of the continuing series of Gacha Minion tutorials.

Find out more information about Gacha Minion at your own pace at these Various Links: