Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tootsie Tuesdays - Duh!

This week on Tootsie Tuesdays, I am wearing rainboots. Why? because it has been raining like mad for the past few days, and I have 2 lakes out in the yard. 
These Rainboots are Original Mesh from Duh! They are Wearable Texture Testers or Wearable Demos, whichever you prefer. Basically a fully functional shoe, that is offered as a demo. Duh! does this with almost all their footwear lines.

Now, while there is an inworld shop, I purposefully am redirecting you all to SL Marketplace today. I feel this store needs some reviews, and I wanted you all to help me with that today. Far to often we get something, even just a demo, and never write a review.
Please take the time to see if you enjoy the item. If you do like it, write Renee a little something on her item, after you have purchased it.

Never wrote a review before? Click HERE to view a really quick general guide.